Course # AA1842

Exploring the New Illinois Social Studies and Civic Requirements K-12
The course will provide an overview to the framework of the new social studies standards K-12. Participants will learn from schools, administrators and practitioners how the new standard incorporate both disciplinary concepts and inquiry skills that empower students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions for success in college, career and civic life. Explicit connections will be made between the new standards, Common Core State Standards in ELA Literacy and the Danielson Framework for Effective Teaching. Studying the latest research in the civic learning community, including the benefit of civic learning across the curriculum, ancillary benefits like the development of 21st century schools, improved school climate and reduced dropout rates. Participants will explore the means of further engaging the community in providing civic learning opportunities inside and outside of school. Time will be devoted to unpacking Public Act 99-0434 requiring a stand-alone semester of civics for high school graduation, including issue related to certification, professional development and course requirements.
Administrators' Academy
Department Chair, Teacher, All Educators
Administrators' Academy
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