Course List


 Course NumberTitleCourse CategoryIntended AudienceDates 
Refresher Bus Driver Refresher Class for Bus Drivers Bus DriverBus Driver 09/29/2020
711-Instructional Coaches Network Instructional Coaches Network NetworksOther 09/30/2020
916-20 Election 2020 Webinar: Polls, Political Advertising, and the Press Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 09/30/2020
Initial Bus Driver Initial 8 hour Bus Driver Course Bus DriverBus Driver 10/03/2020
AA1631 Strategies to Successfully Implement Change to Best Practice Initiatives Administrators' AcademyAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Superintendent 10/06/2020
717 Social Emotional Learning Leadership Network NetworksAdministrator, Other, Teacher, All Educators 10/06/2020
924-20 Webinar: SCOTUS Preview with Dr. Steven D Schwinn Educator's WorkshopsTeacher, All Educators 10/07/2020
920-20 Virtual Book Club - Why We're Polarized by Ezra Klein Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 10/08/2020
AA1923 Establishing and Enhancing Good School Climate and Culture Administrators' AcademyAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Superintendent 10/08/2020
EEND 725 Legendary Teacher Traits TIDEAll Educators 10/12/2020
EEND681 Managing Educational Technology Services TIDE CohortAll Educators 10/12/2020
EEND 726 Practices Leading to High Student Achievement TIDEAll Educators 10/12/2020
EEND732 Nutrition in Education TIDEAll Educators 10/12/2020
710-Early Childhood Network Early Childhood Network NetworksAdministrator, Teacher, All Educators 10/13/2020
EEND631 Theoretical Foundation of Teaching Limited English Proficient Students TIDE CohortTeacher 10/13/2020
718 - Technology Facilitators Group Technology Facilitator Support Group NetworksTechnology Coordinator 10/14/2020
917-20 Election 2020 Webinar: The Electoral College: Is there a better way? Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 10/14/2020
702-DELL Network DuPage English Language Learners Network NetworksAll Educators 10/16/2020
AA1666 Leveraging School Leader Expertise to Support Organizational Change Administrators' AcademyAssistant Principal, Other, Principal 10/16/2020
EEND678 Effective Technology Integration into Lessons and Curriculum TIDE CohortAll Educators 10/19/2020