Course List


 Course NumberTitleCourse CategoryIntended AudienceDates 
Refresher Bus Driver Refresher Class for Bus Drivers Bus DriverBus Driver 05/30/2023
Initial Bus Driver Initial 8 hour Bus Driver Course Bus DriverBus Driver 06/03/2023
EEND605 Learners with Exceptional and Diverse Needs TIDEAll Educators 06/05/2023
REAL 739 Restorative Practices in the Classroom TIDEAll Educators 06/05/2023
EEND 645 Instructional Coaching and Professional Development TIDEAll Educators 06/05/2023
EEND727 Creating Successful Teaching and Learning Environments TIDEAll Educators 06/05/2023
EEND728 Social-Emotional Learning: Principles and Practices TIDEAll Educators 06/05/2023
EEND738 Assessment and Evaluation in Physical Education TIDEAll Educators 06/05/2023
REAL643 Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities Part II: Multi-Sensory Teaching Strategies TIDEAll Educators 06/05/2023
EEND634 Cross Cultural Studies for Teaching Limited English Proficient Students TIDE Cohort  06/05/2023
EEND632 Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL TIDE CohortTeacher 06/05/2023
EEND611 Serving English Language Learners with Special Needs TIDE CohortAll Educators 06/05/2023
1032-22 Teaching about the Asian American Experience: A Primer - Secondary Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Superintendent, Teacher 06/05/2023
EEND 657 Identification and Assessment of Gifted and Talented TIDEDepartment Chair, All Educators 06/05/2023
EEND 601 Child Growth and Development TIDEAll Educators 06/05/2023
REAL 695 Using Retrieval Practices TIDEAll Educators 06/05/2023
1069 Instructional Coaching 101- Getting Started Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, All Educators 06/06/2023
AA3649 Educators As Servant Leaders: Helping Others Succeed Administrators' AcademyAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Department Chair, Principal, Superintendent 06/06/2023
EEND675 Foundations of Educational Technology TIDE CohortAdministrator, Assistant Superintendent, Dean, Department Chair, Director of Building & Grounds, Librarian, Reading Specialist, Social Worker, Teacher 06/06/2023
AA3813 Culturally Responsive School Leadership: Moving from Theory to Practice Administrators' AcademyAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Principal, All Educators 06/07/2023