Course List


 Course NumberTitleCourse CategoryIntended Audience 
EDUC529T Beginning Spanish for Teachers Level 1 TIDE Counselor/Guidance Counselor, Dean, Department Chair, Librarian, Nurse, Other, Reading Specialist, Social Worker, Special Education, Teacher, All Educators
EEND679 Assessing & Improving Student Achievement with Technology TIDE Cohort All Educators
SPED56600 Special Education Law TIDE 
Refresher Bus Driver Refresher Class for Bus Drivers Bus Driver Bus Driver
AA1608 Leveraging Practitioner Expertise to Support Organization Change Administrators' Academy Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent
811 Gifted Workshop - Differentiating ELA for GT Learners Educator's Workshops Administrator, Teacher
208 Embedding Math Practices and PARCC into Instruction Foundation Services Administrator, Teacher
829 The New IL Economics and Financial Literacy Standards Educator's Workshops All Educators
AA1778 The Use of Restorative Practice in Schools Administrators' Academy Other, All Educators
Initial Bus Driver Initial 8 hour Bus Driver Course Bus Driver Bus Driver
706-Parent Group Network Parent Group Network Networks Administrator, Other, Teacher, All Educators
711-Instructional Coaches Network Instructional Coaches Network Networks Other
EEND631 Theoretical Foundation of Teaching Limited English Proficient Students TIDE Cohort Teacher
EDUC 598T Teaching Strategies for Students in the Autism Spectrum TIDE 
719 Homeless Network Networks Other
AA1250 Conducting Effective Professional Conversations with Teachers Administrators' Academy Administrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Superintendent
718 - Technology Facilitators Group Technology Facilitators Group Networks Technology Coordinator
710-Early Childhood Network Early Childhood Network Networks Administrator, Teacher, All Educators
AA1172 Supporting the Change Process Associated with New School Improvement Initiatives Administrators' Academy Administrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Superintendent
832 NEW Illinois Music Learning Standards – Exploration and Implementation Educator's Workshops All Educators