Course List


 Course NumberTitleCourse CategoryIntended Audience 
RLR583H Engaging the Brain to Learn TIDE Reading Specialist, Special Education, Teacher
EDUC505TA Developmental Characteristics of Young Adolescents TIDE Counselor/Guidance Counselor, Dean, Department Chair, Reading Specialist, Teacher
OEDP5095 Guided Reading Grades K-2 TIDE 
711-Instructional Coaches Network Instructional Coaches Network Networks Other
EDUC 598T Teaching Strategies for Students in the Autism Spectrum TIDE 
EDUC570 Learning and Behavior Characteristics of Individuals with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders TIDE All Educators
207 Math Talks, Questioning Strategies, and Writing in Math Foundation Services Administrator, Teacher
OW103 Improving Service to Educators ISE Outreach Program Special Events All Educators
SPED51300 Development and Characteristics of Learners TIDE Cohort All Educators
201 Illinois Writing Matters: Developing and Assessing Writing for both ELA and Content Areas Foundation Services Administrator, Teacher
EDLD58100 Supervision and Administration of Special Education TIDE 
202 Writing to Read: Evidence and Strategies for How Writing Can Improve Reading in both ELA and Content Areas Foundation Services Administrator, Teacher
RDLT53800 Assessment and Diagnosis of Reading Problems TIDE Cohort All Educators
822 Earthquake Technologies and Simulation Workshop Educator's Workshops Teacher
OEDC5298 Using Social Emotional Learning to Build Positive Student Outcomes TIDE Dean, Librarian, Reading Specialist, Social Worker, Special Education, Teacher
EDUC593TC Teaching at the Middle Level TIDE Administrator, Assistant Superintendent, Teacher
OEDC5259 Common Core: Close Reads/Complex Text TIDE Reading Specialist, Special Education, Teacher
OW104 Safe Prescriber Breakfast Special Events All Educators
ECED52000 Child, Family, Culture and Community TIDE Cohort Special Education, All Educators
SPED51400 Assessment for Learning TIDE Cohort All Educators