Course List


 Course NumberTitleCourse CategoryIntended AudienceDates 
AA1666 Leveraging School Leader Expertise to Support Organizational Change Administrators' AcademyAssistant Principal, Other, Principal 11/15/2019
Initial Bus Driver Initial 8 hour Bus Driver Course Bus DriverBus Driver 11/16/2019
710-Early Childhood Network Early Childhood Network NetworksAdministrator, Teacher, All Educators 11/19/2019
Refresher Bus Driver Refresher Class for Bus Drivers Bus DriverBus Driver 11/20/2019
OW161 Responding to School Drug Impairment Calls Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, All Educators 11/21/2019
702-DELL Network DuPage English Language Learners Network NetworksAll Educators 11/22/2019
AA1597 Improved Crisis Decision Making for Safer School Environments Administrators' AcademyAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Other, Principal, Superintendent 12/02/2019
703 Building and Grounds Network NetworksDirector of Building & Grounds 12/03/2019
EDUC 599 TC Methods for Teaching Students with High Incidence Disabilities TIDE CohortAll Educators 12/04/2019
707-Gifted Network Gifted Instruction District Personnel Network NetworksAdministrator, Teacher 12/04/2019
898 Word Knowledge: Phonics, Sight Words, Fluency, and Meaning Vocabulary *Grades K-2 Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 12/04/2019
OW145 Cycles of Inquiry Session 4 - Principals Only Special EventsPrincipal 12/05/2019
AA3000 3001 3002 Principal/Teacher Evaluator Retraining Student Growth Administrators' AcademyAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Principal 12/09/2019
717 Social Emotional Learning Leadership Network NetworksAdministrator, Other, Teacher, All Educators 12/10/2019
718 - Technology Facilitators Group Technology Facilitators Group NetworksTechnology Coordinator 12/12/2019
882 Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 12/12/2019
701-DCCD Network DuPage County Curriculum Directors Network NetworksAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Superintendent 12/13/2019
721 Counselors Network NetworksCounselor/Guidance Counselor 12/13/2019
OW159 ISBE KIDS Training- Workshop for Administrators Special EventsAdministrator 12/16/2019
721-SEL SEL Leadership Network NetworksAll Educators 12/17/2019