Course List


 Course NumberTitleCourse CategoryIntended AudienceDates 
1043 Declutter My Digital Life Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, All Educators, Administrative Assistant 12/13/2023
Refresher Bus Driver Refresher Class for Bus Drivers Bus DriverBus Driver 12/14/2023
701 DuPage County Curriculum Directors Network NetworksAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Superintendent 12/15/2023
903 High School Social Workers Network NetworksSocial Worker 12/15/2023
Initial Bus Driver Initial 8 hour Bus Driver Course Bus DriverBus Driver 12/16/2023
EEND640 Development and Characteristics of Individuals with Special Needs TIDE CohortAll Educators 01/08/2024
EEND642 Assessment and Diagnosis in Special Education TIDE CohortSpecial Education, Teacher 01/08/2024
EEND631 Theoretical Foundation of Teaching Limited English Proficient Students TIDE CohortTeacher 01/08/2024
EEND632 Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL TIDE CohortTeacher 01/08/2024
EEND633 Assessment of the Bilingual Student TIDE CohortTeacher 01/08/2024
EEND676 Collaborative Web Tools in Education TIDE CohortDean, Librarian, Reading Specialist, Special Education, Teacher 01/08/2024
EEND636 Linguistics TIDE CohortAll Educators 01/08/2024
EEND644 Specialized Curriculum and Methods in Special Education TIDE CohortSpecial Education, All Educators 01/08/2024
EEND 726 Practices Leading to High Student Achievement TIDEAll Educators 01/08/2024
1000-21 Current and Controversial Issue Discussions - Guardian of Democracy Bronze Certified Badge Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 01/08/2024
ENGE 511 Rhetorical Theory II: Contemporary Rhetoric TIDEAll Educators 01/08/2024
EEND 724 Implementing Student Learning Communities TIDEAll Educators 01/08/2024
EEND 645 Instructional Coaching and Professional Development TIDEAll Educators 01/08/2024
EEND 657 Identification and Assessment of Gifted and Talented TIDEDepartment Chair, All Educators 01/08/2024
AA2000 IL Performance Evaluation - Principal Evaluation Training for Pre-Qualified Principal Evaluators Administrators' AcademyAssistant Principal, Principal 01/09/2024