Course # 1003-21

Current and Controversial Issue Discussions in the Classroom- The Guardians of Democracy Silver Distinguished Educator Badge

This course builds upon the content of the CIVICS Bronze Badge I- CCID course that provided an understanding of the purpose, role, and function of discussion strategies as pedagogical tools to equip young people with the knowledge, dispositions, and skills to be “Guardians of Democracy” across the curriculum. This course enhances the practice of educators with additional strategies and resources to create a classroom climate in which there are equitable opportunities for ALL students to engage in dialogue about essential questions across the curriculum. Participants work synchronistically with course facilitators over 6 weeks, using Free For Teachers Canvas, to create, edit, implement and reflect on a lesson plan using a second strategy for discussion in the course. Participants create a Portfolio of Practice throughout the course in which they reflect on how the course content can enhance their craft. This is the second in a series of three courses on the use of current and controversial issue discussions in the classroom. Participants who complete all three courses and earn their bronze, silver and gold badges can apply for 3 graduate credits through the University of St. Francis for an additional fee and by completing a culminating assignment. Prerequisite- CIVICS Bronze Badge I - CCID A course syllabus can be accessed at

Educator's Workshops
All Educators
15 PD hours
Registrants may cancel no later than 5 days prior to the course.

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