Course # 964-21

How has the role of the executive branch changed across our history? with the National Archives
Join the Illinois Civics Hub and Dr. Charles Flanagan, Outreach Supervisor for the Center for the Legislative Archives at the National Archives, to explore how to use online resources to teach about the development of U.S. foreign policy from the Age of Imperialism to the Cold War. The webinar will feature two eBooks and a classroom lesson highlighting 20th Century changes in America’s relationship to the world. The eBooks present political cartoons showing the evolution of U.S. foreign policy, from the Monroe Doctrine to America as a global leader. The cartoons also provide the context for Congress, the President, and the War Powers, a lesson examining the changing balance of power between the legislative and executive branches as America rose as a superpower. Walk away with new ideas and tools to enhance your current practice aligned with Illinois Social Science standards and the Educating for American Democracy Roadmap.
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2 PD Hours
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