Course List


 Course NumberTitleCourse CategoryIntended AudienceDates 
1086 Equitable Design: Building Responsive and Relevant Newcomer Support Systems Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, Teacher 06/10/2024
1032-22 Teaching about the Asian American Experience: A Primer - Secondary Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Superintendent, Teacher 06/11/2024
807 Legal Lite for New Teachers Educator's WorkshopsTeacher, All Educators 08/08/2024
1031-22 Teaching about the Asian American Experience: A Primer - Elementary Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Superintendent, Teacher 08/20/2024
OW215 Harmonic Multilingual Program Design: Discover-Design-Deliver Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Board Member, Principal, Superintendent, All Educators 10/10/2024
1078 Serving Students in Foster Care and Students Experiencing Homelessness Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Counselor/Guidance Counselor, Dean, Social Worker, Administrative Assistant
DSN-114 Becoming Active Citizens: Practices to Engage Students in Civic Education Across the Curriculum with author and Edtech leader Shawn McCusker Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Superintendent, Teacher, All Educators
DSN-115 Harmony in Our Story: An Overview of New Resources from iCivics for Teaching American History in the Middle Grades Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Superintendent, Teacher
1079 Instructional Practices Inventory 'IPI' Walkthrough Training Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators
1081 MTSS & SPED With a Multilingual Lens Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Special Education, All Educators
OW243 Tier 2 and Tier 3 Assessments & Interventions for Students with Social-Emotional-Behavioral SEB Needs & School Attendance Problems Educator's WorkshopsSchool Psychologist, Social Worker
1083 The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Principal, All Educators
OW244 A Hidden School Safety Crisis? Bullying Among Adults Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators
OW245 Don’t Just Settle for Survive, Let’s Aim to Help Our Students Thrive! Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators
707-GW Gifted Collaborative Presentation Creation Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Teacher
899 Restorative Practice and Using Circles Part Two/Train the Trainer Educator's Workshops 
900 Truancy Processes and Supports Educator's Workshops 
867 Best Practices and Programming Standards for High-Ability Students- Session II Educator's Workshops 
901 VIRTUAL Attachment and Trauma Network Train the Trainer Final Phase *AM Session* Educator's Workshops 
878BJA Facilitating Restorative Conferences Train the Trainer Educator's Workshops