Course List


 Course NumberTitleCourse CategoryIntended AudienceDates 
901 VIRTUAL Attachment and Trauma Network Train the Trainer Final Phase *AM Session* Educator's Workshops  01/24/2020
902 VIRTUAL Attachment and Trauma Network Train the Trainer Final Phase*PM SESSION* Educator's Workshops  01/24/2020
856 SMART SMART Product Update Educator's WorkshopsTeacher, Technology Coordinator 02/04/2020
840-WWI WWI 360: Teach Like an Ace Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 02/13/2020
906 Introduction to Restorative Practices Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Counselor/Guidance Counselor, Principal, Social Worker, All Educators 02/20/2020
863-20 Engaging Student Voice in Inquiry: Creating Safe Spaces in Polarized Times Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Counselor/Guidance Counselor, Dean, Social Worker, Superintendent, Teacher, Administrative Assistant 02/21/2020
864-20 Medal of Honor Character Development Program for Middle School and High School Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Counselor/Guidance Counselor, Dean, Social Worker, Teacher, Administrative Assistant 03/17/2020
862-20 Facing History and Ourselves: Middle School Civics and Student Agency Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, All Educators 03/20/2020
861-20a Putting Civics In The Middle: Teaching the 2020 Election and Beyond Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Teacher 06/18/2020
879BJA Washington Aggression Interruption Training Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 06/22/2020
852-SEL Leading School-wide SEL Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Board Member, Other, Teacher, All Educators
837-20 News Literacy Bootcamp Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators
861-20 Putting Civics in the Middle: The Illinois Social Science Standards and Civics Requirement 6-8 Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators
OW161 Responding to School Drug Impairment Calls Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, All Educators
904 Invest in Kids Act 2020 SAT-PSAT Implementation Workshops Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Counselor/Guidance Counselor
899 Restorative Practice and Using Circles Part Two/Train the Trainer Educator's Workshops 
900 Truancy Processes and Supports Educator's Workshops 
867 Best Practices and Programming Standards for High-Ability Students- Session II Educator's Workshops 
878BJA Facilitating Restorative Conferences Train the Trainer Educator's Workshops 
868 Pre-Assessment and Differentiation - Adding Rigor to Instruction- Session III Educator's Workshops