Course List


 Course NumberTitleCourse CategoryIntended AudienceDates 
810-2019 Principal Coaching, Mentoring and Development Program Educator's WorkshopsPrincipal 09/25/2019
887-STEM STEM into the Future Educator's WorkshopsDepartment Chair, Librarian, Teacher, All Educators 09/25/2019
890 Implementing Number Talks in Math, Grades K-6 Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 09/26/2019
891 Attachment and Trauma Network Implementation Next Steps Educator's Workshops  10/01/2019
802 Gifted Workshop - Differentiating with Depth: Nurturing High Level Learning in the Classroom K-6 Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 10/03/2019
822-2019 Citizenship in a Digital World Meet-Up Educator's WorkshopsOther, Technology Coordinator 10/03/2019
837-20 News Literacy Bootcamp Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 10/04/2019
888-MATH Increasing Rigor in Your Math Classroom, Grade Levels K-6 Educator's WorkshopsTeacher 10/08/2019
852-SEL Leading School-wide SEL Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Board Member, Other, Teacher, All Educators 10/15/2019
897 The Content and Literacy Connection: Critical and Analytical Reading and Writing *Grades 3 - 8 Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 10/16/2019
884-2020 Race and Culture in the Classroom, School and Beyond Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Counselor/Guidance Counselor, Dean, Department Chair, Principal, Social Worker, Superintendent, Teacher, All Educators, Administrative Assistant 10/22/2019
893-2020 Building Better Rubrics to Enhance Student Learning with the Illinois Social Science Standards Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 10/24/2019
899 Restorative Practice and Using Circles Part Two/Train the Trainer Educator's Workshops  10/29/2019
879BJA Washington Aggression Interruption Training Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 11/04/2019
861-20 Putting Civics in the MIddle: The Illinois Social Science Standards and Civics Requirement 6-8 Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 11/15/2019
898 Word Knowledge: Phonics, Sight Words, Fluency, and Meaning Vocabulary *Grades K-2 Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators 12/04/2019
885 Implementing Developmentally Appropriate Practice with Academic Requirements Educator's WorkshopsTeacher
886 Creating Play-based Units of Study and the Teacher’s Role in Promoting Learning through Guided Play Educator's WorkshopsTeacher, All Educators
801-2020 Creating Performance Assessment Tasks with the Illinois Social Science Standards Educator's WorkshopsAll Educators
823-2019 LEADING FUTURE READY SCHOOLS Educator's WorkshopsAdministrator, Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Department Chair, Librarian, Principal, Superintendent, Teacher